Help Business Clients Way Better and

Earn Way More Money for Yourself by

Mastering Business Tax Work

Learn to Provide Elite-Level Service to Advanced Schedule C, C Corporation, S Corporation, and LLC Tax Clients.  It's Totally Doable, If You Have Expert Teachers Who Care About Your Success.  We Want To Be Those Teachers for You!

The Business Tax Verified Training Program with CPA Adam Shay is designed to help you:

  • Have no fear of the Tax Preparer Apocalypse.  Demand for tax professionals who focus on "relatively simple" 1040 tax preparation is declining.  Business Tax Verified Members are not worried about that in the slightest.

  • Adapt and prosper in the New Era of Tax.  Demand for tax pros who focus on helping business tax clients is growing rapidly.  The only "catch"?  Taking on this work without proper training and support is expensive, painful, and frequently disastrous.

  • Finally feel confident working with business tax clients.  Your life as a tax professional gets way easier, way more profitable, and way more fun when you have the training and support you need to do business tax work at an elite level.

Pronto Tax School is an approved NASBA education provider
Pronto Tax School is an IRS-Approved Continuing Education Provider

We're Here to Give You What We Wish We Had: a Way to Learn Business Tax Work that's Faster, Less Painful, and More Fun.

Your friend and colleague Andy Frye here, Founder & CEO of Pronto Tax School, Inc., a working tax professional just like you.


I am humbly asking your permission to talk about some stuff right that might make us a bit uncomfortable, but we really need to think about it, because it frequently hurts our clients and it frequently hurts us, as tax professionals...


That feeling in the pit of your stomach...ugh, just thinking about that feeling hurts.


You're speaking with a business client that's beyond your "basic Schedule C" variety.


A client who wants to grow.


Who wants to grow with you.


The type of client that pays at least $2,000 per year to her tax professional.  Sometimes more.  Often more.


But just one little problem:


You're not confident that you can help this client with her tax needs.


You don't want to hurt this client.  By making mistakes.  By not knowing how to handle something and then the client hears from a friend that you messed something up.


The client senses that you're not quite confident, and the client cuts the conversation short.


It was "nice meeting you," the client says, and then the client is gone.


Gone to another tax pro who does feel confident working with more advanced business tax clients.


Gone to another tax pro who's going to charge 5x - 10x what you were "hoping" you could charge, and the client will pay it without objecting, because those are the market rates for working with tax pros who feel confident working with business clients.

  • Is something like that story told above happening to you?
  • Are you having to "turn away" high-paying business tax work because you feel not confident or "sort of" / "sometimes" confident?
  • Are you giving business tax work "the old college try," and the "old college try" keeps blowing up in your face?

I know how that feels...that pit in your stomach...the client "smelling" the non-confidence and then transitioning you into "friend mode" with the good old "it was nice meeting you"...


I know that feeling because I experienced it myself, many times...


When I started out doing more advanced business tax work, I had almost NO TRAINING, and almost NO SUPPORT.


The expenses, pain, and humiliation involved in "learning the hard way" with business tax clients almost broke me.


Looking for someone to teach me the "secrets" of business taxes, I met CPA Adam Shay and started doing some research on his efforts to help entrepreneurs with our extensive tax and accounting needs.


I said to myself, "Let me ask this guy Adam if he'll share his business tax knowledge with the rest of us.  So that we can help clients way better and make way more money.  We can create a 'Festivus for the Rest of Us,' like George Costanza said."


So I approached Adam and I said, "Hello, I've been noticing that the demand for small business tax help is going through the roof.  But most tax pros, even CPAs, aren't truly confident helping small business clients.  I noticed that you and your team are pretty awesome at it, could you possibly teach us how to do it?"


To my amazement--because most high-level CPAs had absolutely zero interest in teaching me about business taxes--Adam said, "Sounds good, let's do it."


Turns out Adam himself had felt the same way we have...that pit in your stomach...that terrifying feeling that you don't know what you don't know, and are about to seriously butcher some business taxes and who knows what the consequences of that butchery will be but you're pretty sure that it's not going to be pretty...


Fast forward to four years after from that day I asked Adam to help us, and Adam and I have helped hundreds of tax pros help clients way better and earn way more money for yourself by getting confident in working with business clients.


If you're looking to make the same "leap" we did--from being un-confident to being "best of breed" in helping business tax clients--then you'll want to carefully review this page and consider becoming Business Tax Verified.


With our unique Business Tax Verified Training Program, you can learn in a matter of weeks what in the past has taken tax professionals DECADES to learn (it took me 17 years).


If you're looking to help clients way better, earn way more money for yourself, and change your tax career forever, you're in the right place.


Keep moving down this page to learn what all is included in our Program and how it helps you get these results, and then if you have any further questions before deciding, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before deciding.


We take pride in helping our fellow tax professionals because YOU are the ones who help your clients.






Andy Frye

Founder & CEO, Pronto Tax School, Inc.

Third Generation Tax Business Entrepreneur

Experienced Tax Professional (Enrolled Agent)

Friend to Tax Professionals Everywhere


Who Is this Program For?

  • Tax pros who don't feel confident performing tax preparation and consulting services for business tax clients

    Tax pros who don't feel confident performing business tax work, and you want to help clients way better and make way more money for yourself, without enduring the expensive, painful journey of "learning the hard way."

  • Tax pros who feel sort of confident performing tax preparation and consulting services for business tax clients

    Tax pros who feel "sort of" / "sometimes" confident performing business tax work, and you want to go from "sometimes" / "sort of" to REAL CONFIDENCE, and help client way better and make way more money for yourself, while having access to a "wolfpack" of other tax pros who are making the same journey you are.


  • Busy tax pros wanting to train their tax preparation team

    Tax pros who are already business tax masters and therefore you are overly busy because demand for your services is high and getting higher every day.  You want to train another team member (or multiple team members) on the secret arts of business taxes so that they can lighten your workload while also increasing your profits, but you don't have time to do all the training yourself.

    If you fit into one of those three groups, then you're in the right place!

What Results Can I Expect From This Program?

Avoid painful, humiliating, and expensive problems.

"Learning on the job" with business tax work is an absolute disaster, both for your clients and for you.  You already know this if you've tried to do this kind of work before, without the proper training and support.  We accelerate your learning curve big time, which accelerates your earning power big time.  Avoiding problems is a major key to success!

Enjoy your work and have fun by providing a consistently superior client experience.

There are certain things you can do, in certain ways, to maximize the value your business tax clients receive from you.  Based on our vast experience working with these client groups, we show you the exact techniques to use, to make sure you're delivering a superior client experience.  Follow CPA Adam Shay's lead and watch the referrals flow!

Get real clients and make real money.

Business tax clients are everywhere, multiplying like rabbits and desperate for tax and accounting help.  We show you the most profitable client groups and give you ways to acquire those clients by saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.  Members who put our techniques into practice see results.  Marketing and sales gets a lot easier when you have a "starving crowd" of people who actually need your expertise!

Travel faster and farther.

Why spend years "wondering" about business taxes when we can give you the knowledge you need PRONTO?  Also achieving excellence in working with business tax clients is not something you take a course and then you're "done."  It's a lifelong pursuit and there is always room for improvement.  You'll get farther when you travel with friends.  Our responsive community and instructors actually care about helping you along your way.  This Program isn't just a "go-it-alone" training; it's a community of colleagues and friends that we're building for the long-term.

What Do Our Business Tax Verified Members Say?

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Who Teaches this Program?


– Managing Partner, Adam Shay CPA, PLLC

Adam started his tax career as a seasonal tax preparer at a Jackson-Hewitt® franchise in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Within a few months, Adam was promoted to General Manager of the franchisee's six existing offices. Adam then helped the company expand from 6 to 11 office locations over the next five years.


During his time in the "retail" segment of the tax prep business, Adam trained hundreds of tax preparers and supervised the operations of the company out of the main office, processing thousands of tax returns every year.


In January of 2010, Adam struck out to start his own business and, in March of 2010, obtained his CPA license. Adam decided to focus on serving entrepreneurs and business owners and that focus continues today.


Adam Shay CPA, PLLC has now grown to become a premier tax and accounting firm in Southeastern North Carolina, employing a team of six CPAs and 10 support staff team members, and earning widespread respect in the business community with his team's proactive, results-oriented approach.


– Founder and CEO, Pronto Tax School, Inc.

Andrew Freiburghouse, known as Andy Frye in "Tax World," is a tax consultant and Enrolled Agent (E.A.) licensed to represent taxpayers before all levels of the IRS.


Andy started his tax career as a tax preparer at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., a third-generation family business with multiple locations based in Southern California.


After preparing more than 10,000 tax returns and developing extensive employee training programs within his family business, Andy founded Pronto Tax School, Inc., an online training company that educates and empowers tax professionals and taxpayers nationwide.


Pronto Tax School is an IRS-approved education provider that offers credentialing and continuing education certificate programs, as well as career advancement and business development training.


Andy is a graduate of Santa Clara University, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, and The School of Tax Business Hard Knocks.



– Founder and Managing Member at Pro Tax & Accounting

Andrea MacDonald is the Founder and Managing Member at Pro Tax & Accounting, LLC in Chesapeake, Virginia. 


She has 20+ years worth of experience in accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 


Andrea holds degrees of Bachelor of Science in Business, Master of Science in Accounting, and Master of Business Administration. 


Andrea enjoys sharing her hard-earned knowledge with her fellow bookkeepers and tax professionals.

Eva TaxMama® Rosenberg, EA, MBA


– Founder and CEO, TaxMama®

Eva Rosenberg is the Internet’s TaxMama®. She answers tax questions, provides a free daily TaxQuips podcast and weekly Ask TaxMama® ezine, and a wealth of resources to help folks like you deal with your personal and business tax issues at


Eva was a syndicated national columnist, writing a tax column for Dow Jones’ for nearly 15 years.


She is a best-selling, award-winning author of several books, including the 4th edition of Small Business Taxes Made Easy.

Carlos Samaniego, EA


– Founder and Managing Member at Tax Debt Consultants LLC

Carlos is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service.


Carlos founded Tax Debt Consultants LLC, deciding to use his specialized tax knowledge to become an expert in tax resolution & taxes for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, consultants, and small business owners.


As an Enrolled Agent (E.A), his practice focuses on IRS tax problem resolution.  He has earned the prestigious Tax Fellow designation and completes dozens of hours of continuing education every year to serve his clients best.

Miguel Angel Romero


– Founder and CEO, Ingenious Enumeration LLC

Miguel is a Small Business Specialist and founder of Ingenious Enumeration LLC.

His business is growing rapidly and serves clients in the areas of personal and corporate taxes, C Corp, S Corp, and LLC. He also helps incorporate businesses and educate the new owners on all the new responsibilites as a business owner.


Miguel leads the Mindset & Motivation Meetings in the Business Tax Verified program every first Wednesday of the month.


He lives with his beautiful family near Los Angeles, CA.

What Will I Get When I Invest In This Program?


    We focus our training on the most important part of every tax pro's world: your clients!  Everything we teach is about helping you acquire and serve real clients.


    The Schedule C Mastery section is a gold mine of revenue-generating insight that you can implement TODAY with your real clients.


    Our blend of PDF textbook, video, and interactive questions helps you learn in multiple ways so that you learn faster and better.


    We have live training sessions with CPA Adam Shay and other tax pros every month.  This is your chance to ask Adam, Andy, and other top tax pros anything that's on your mind.



    The S Corporation section goes deep into all the tricks and traps of this highly popular tax treatment.


    Have questions about the materials as you're going through the Program?  Post your questions directly within the Program and instructors respond.


    The Mechanics section of each section includes walk throughs of the tax forms themselves and detailed practice tax return videos.

  • 40 HOURS CE / CPE

    Did we mention that completing this Program earns you 40 CE hours with IRS and 40 CPE hours for CPAs?  Yup, it's true.


    The C Corporation section will enlighten you about this newly invigorated "classic" structure.


    Single Member LLCs are multiplying like rabbits.  Become an SMLLC master and serve SMLLC clients with confidence.


    Are you afraid of partnerships?  Yes, most of us are.  Have no fear, we go deep into partnerships in the LLC section.


    Our innovative educational methods allow you to learn from and even teach other Members.  It's a team effort!

Weekly LIVE Zoom Meeting Schedule

Each week, you will get to tune in and join your fellow tax professionals to ask, engage, grow, and hopefully laugh!

  • Assess where you are now

    Mindset & Motivation Meeting with Miguel Angel Romero

    Start each month by getting your mind and motivation right. Join Miguel every first Wednesday of the month.

  • Engage with the materials

    Tax Problem Tuesdays Meeting with Carlos Samaniego, EA

    Bring your best tax problem resolution questions and scenarios to Carlos on the second Tuesday of each month to solve them together in an interactive and lively exchange.

  • Interact with the review questions and resources

    Andrea's Answers Meeting with Andrea MacDonald, CPA, MBA

    If you've ever had an accounting issue with your tax clients, you know how important talking shop in this area with real professionals can be. Join Andrea every third Thursday of the month.

  • Communicate your level of understanding

    Question & Answer (Q&A) Meeting with Adam Shay, CPA

    On the fourth Thursday of every month, join CPA Adam Shay to ask your most pressing questions and learn from a master of growing a successful tax business serving self-employed / small business / entrepreneur clients.

How Does the Program Work?

Our unique training method flows smoothly according to four simple steps:

  • Assess where you are now


    Find out "where you are now" so that you never waste time learning stuff you already know, and can focus on the training that meets your specific needs.

  • Engage with the materials


    Go through the Materials and learn from CPA Adam Shay, Pronto Tax School Founder Andy Frye, and other top-performing Members.

  • Interact with the review questions and resources


    Utilize our interactive review questions and interactive support resources to enjoy an interactive learning experience.

  • Communicate your level of understanding


    Verify your skills at the end of each section by showing what you've learned and contributing to the learning experience of other Members.

Learn Business Taxes in 30 Days.  How?

It's not required that you complete the Program in 30 days, that being said you can do the Program in 30 days if you put in 40 hours of work, here is how the 4 weeks break down as far as the topics we teach:

  • Week 1 Sch C

    Week 1: Schedule C Mastery

    Most tax pros think we know Schedule C.  But, there are levels to this game.   Let's get you to the top level.

  • Week 2 C Corps

    Week 2: C Corporations

    The classic corporation.  Step-by-step training on Form 1120.  Robust practice tax return walk throughs.  

  • Week 3 S Corps

    Week 3: S Corporations

    In-depth, NOT boring training showing who S corp clients are, what they want, and how to do the work profitably.

  • Week 4 LLCs

    Week 4: LLCs

    LLCs are multiplying like rabbits.  Tax pros who feel confident helping LLC clients are incredibly valuable.

Invest in Yourself Without Risk

100% Money Back Guarantee within 14 days so that you can evaluate the materials for yourself with absolutely zero risk.

Business Tax Verified

Business Tax Verified (BTV) Program by Pronto Tax School

$997 now, for 30 days access

Covers one month of access to all Program Materials, Live Training Sessions, and Support Resources.  For those who want to get in and "knock it out."  Full Program doable in 40 hours.

$97 per month to continue 

Monthly $97 membership includes continuing access the Materials (including all updates), Live Training Sessions, and Support Resources. No obligation to continue, cancel any time if you're not seeing value every month.  $97 per month starts 1 month after purchase.

Comes with a Rock Solid 14-Day Money Back Guarantee from the date of purchase.

It Is Ridiculously Easy to Make this Math Work.



If you haven't been doing much business tax work, or you've been doing some but you're not charging market rates because you're not confident in your services (I've been there!), maybe you're unaware of how much elite-level tax pros charge for business tax work.


Maybe $997 for a training program of this caliber seems expensive to you?


We realize it's not $10, but pardon us if we just point out real quick:


Are you looking to "save money" or are you looking to MAKE MONEY?


Because in this New Era of Tax, those are two very different goals.


The Business Tax Verified is designed for tax pros who are ready to invest in yourself and look at ROI (Return on Investment) as a way of determining value.


So, let's talk about ROI, and how ridiculously easy it is to get from this Program:


Do one corporation or LLC tax return at the average fee and you're already profitable on your investment in this Program–literally, do ONE at the average fee, and you'll turn a profit.


Two, at the average fee, and you've doubled your investment.


Do 10 corporation or LLC returns at the average fee and you'll 10x your investment. 


Do 100 corp or LLC returns at the average fee and you'll 100x your investment.


Please, by all means, run the numbers!


Also worth considering, if price is a concern for you:


How much is it costing you RIGHT NOW to either:


1) Not do this work in the first place because you don't feel comfortable and confident, or

2) "Try" to do this kind of work without proper training and have it blow up in your face over and over again?


"Trying" to do this type of work without proper training is the most expensive proposition imaginable--constant errors, ugly client situations, repeated humiliation...


I know how it feels, because I've tried it before myself.


Doing business tax work is not a practice drill--this is real life!


Invest in yourself now and increase your confidence and earning power forever.


Or, if you don't want to invest in yourself and increase your confidence and earning power forever, if that's not a priority for you, or it's not the right time for you, that's OK too!



Yes, I'd love to help you enjoy the same or similar "level up" I've experienced in my own tax career, but we know and respect that we can't want this for you more than you want it for yourself.


YOU are the hero of your own tax career story.


We are just the "guide" that's here to help you get up the mountain safely, if you decide to go.


What we can say is this:


Every single Member we've seen PUT IN THE WORK to apply what this Program teaches you has seen stellar results.


Let me repeat that, so that it's crystal clear:








Who has PUT IN THE WORK to apply what this Programs teaches you has seen stellar results.


Are you next?

Eliminate All Risk With Our Rock Solid Guarantee

We RESPECT your hard-earned dollars as our fellow tax professional.


That's why we give you a rock solid money back guarantee where we take all the risk, and you take no risk.


If you don't see the value of this Program within the first 14 days of enrollment, just let us know, and we'll send you a full, prompt refund with no hassle whatsoever.  It's just that simple.


This way, you can look at the Program materials for a full 14 days and if you don't feel the Program is a fit for you, no worries.  We're only happy if you're happy.  We only want to work with you if you want to work with us.


Does that help you feel more confident, knowing that we stand behind our product 100% to make sure you're happy with the incredible value you'll get when you invest in this Program?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What makes this Program unique?

Can I speak to someone before I make a decision on this?

Absolutely!  We want you to have confidence in the decision you make to grow your tax career.  Please email with any questions and we can also set up a time for you to talk to you by phone, just email and we'll be happy to help.

Do I have to give up my 1040 clients in order to start working with business clients?

Why would a top-notch, in-demand CPA like Adam want to share his hard-earned knowledge with other tax pros who could be his competitors?

I'm a CPA.  Do I already know all this stuff?  Is this Program too basic for me?

How does the pricing for this Program work?  It looks like there is a monthly subscription payment?

If I decide to continue with my Membership past the initial four week program, what exactly do I receive for paying my monthly Membership?

Does this Program include live training?  Or is it all self-study?

I want to train my whole team on business taxes, do you have group discounts available?

Is the "Tax Preparer Apocalypse" real or imagined?

Do I have to be a CPA to work with business clients?

This is more than I'm accustomed to paying for training.

Who is this Program NOT right for?

How do I actually get real business tax clients?

I'm interested, but a bit overwhelmed...

Have More Questions?

If you've read to this point, it likely means you could be ready to stop "thinking about doing this" and ACTUALLY DO IT.


There is no waiting necessary, you can enroll in the Program and start accessing the materials immediately, and you are 100% protected by our 14 day money back guarantee.


Do you need to talk to someone by phone before you make a decision?

Want IRS CE or CPE for CPAs Credit Hours?

  •     Education Provider: Pronto Tax School, Inc.
  •     Instructional Delivery Method: QAS Self-Study Program
  •     Recommended CE / CPE Credit: 40 hours
  •     NASBA Field of Study: Taxes (40 hours)
  •     IRS Education Provider Number: MPMDK
  •     IRS Course Number: MPMDK-T-00090-20-S
  •     Program Knowledge Level: Intermediate
  •     Prerequisites: General knowledge of federal tax law and its practical application.
  •     Advance Preparation: Prior completion of at least one basic-level training program for tax professionals, such as the Pronto Tax School Basic Income Tax Course
  •     NASBA Sponsor: Pronto Tax School, Inc.
  •     NASBA Sponsor #143984
  •     IRS-Approved Education Provider: Pronto Tax School, Inc.
  •     IRS Education Provider Number: MPMDK
40 hours of NASBA credit earned with Business Tax Verified (BTV)

Pronto Tax School, Inc. is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Boards of Accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:


Refund / Cancellation Policy: full refund available within 14 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


Complaint Resolution Policy: click here to contact our support team anytime, we resolve any issues amicably and working as a teammate with our valued Members.


IRS-Approved and NASBA-Approved Learning Objectives Here:

  • #1 complete BTV

    Identify common problems associated with advanced Schedule C, C corporation, S corporation, and LLC tax clients

  • #2 complete BTV

    Avoid common problems associated with advanced Schedule C, C corporation, S corporation, and LLC tax clients

  • #3 complete BTV

    Identify impactful and important things you can do a tax professional to serve advanced Schedule C, C corporation, S corporation, and LLC tax clients at an elite level

  • #4 complete BTV

    Do impactful and important things to serve advanced Schedule C, C corporation, S corporation, and LLC tax clients at an elite level

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