Andy Frye here, your trusty EA CE Renewal Course Creator.

First, THANK YOU for your Membership!

Secondly, if you'd like to cancel your Enrolled Agent Continuing Education Forever Edition Renewal Course Membership, it's no hard feelings, and you can do that right here on this page. 


Before you cancel, please note the following Membership benefits that will immediately disappear, upon cancellation:

  • As a Forever Member, your EA CE Course price is LOCKED FOR LIFE and you'll 100% avoid any future price increases (we are improving the course every year and future prices will reflect those improvements)
  • As a Forever Member, you can cancel your Membership at any time.  There is NEVER any obligation to renew or continue your Membership.
  • As a Forever Edition Member, you never need to sign up for the course again; you're automatically enrolled every year, the new course just magically appears on September 1st in your Pronto Tax School dashboard! 
  • As a Forever Edition Member, you get multiple course updates throughout the year, including the famous "right-before-tax-season-newsletter" showing you all the last minute changes Congress makes (no need to pay for another update before tax season, we got you!)
  • As a Forever Edition Member, you get three live online training sessions with full Q & A about any new tax changes.  Last year's live training sessions were ROCK SOLID, if I do say so myself...  :)
  • As a Forever Edition Member, your course access never expires!  You keep access to past year courses, building up a reference library of top-notch tax training.  In fact, you can log into your Pronto Tax School dashboard right now and view all of last year's course materials, including the exclusive online trainings with full Q & A!
  • As a Forever Edition  Member, you get more stuff, too, but this page already has too many words on it!  :)

My team and I created this EA CE Forever Edition Membership with ONE GOAL in mind: to give you the best training we can, at the lowest price we can, forever.


Once you cancel, you will not be able to go back in time and get the deal you had before.


You made a very wise choice in becoming a Forever Edition Member in the past and we look forward to serving you again this year.  Expect a small charge on your credit card on August 31, and let's keep working together to help you thrive in this New Era of Tax.  We appreciate you more than you know!

If you still want to cancel, please verify your name and email address so that we can confirm your cancellation (and refund if applicable).

*Please use the same email address that you have on file with us in your Pronto Tax School Account.*


Once you cancel, you will give up all exclusive benefits listed above.

You will receive a confirmation that your Membership has been cancelled and no charge will go on your card on August 31st.  If it is after August 31 and you require a refund, we will confirm that as well if within the 14-Day Refund window.

Have questions about your Membership?  Email support@prontotaxschool.com

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