Expert Tax Support, 100% Guaranteed.

Pronto Tax School Experts, at Your Service!

You asked, we answered.  Our tax season support membership is designed to help you:

  • Feel comfortable and confident, no matter what you're facing. You are never alone when you have experienced tax pros ready and willing to assist you at any time.

  • Avoid being stranded on the infamous "Tax Preparer Island."  Why struggle alone?  Join the Family and be treated like Family.  We have your back!

  • Save time and make more money.  Researching tricky tax questions costs you time, and time costs money.  Cut right to the answers you need, from the people who know.

This "New Era of Tax" is NOT the Time to Go It Alone.

We have had many requests over the years to add a support membership and now that they've officially "simplified the tax code" by adding a bunch new tax forms and hundreds of pages of new tax law, we have decided to take the leap and offer 100% guaranteed tax support to select Pronto Tax School Members.


Many tax professionals have nowhere to turn when we need many of us have no one we trust, no one we can contact who's actually an expert, and who actually cares about us and wants to help us.


At Pronto Tax School, we call this dynamic "Tax Preparer Island," and we take pride in helping tax pros get out of that desolate place.


Imagine having a 39-year veteran of the tax industry, familiar with every in and out of the industry and connected with all the major players, as your "on call" Helper?


Imagine being able to escalate your issue to Pronto Tax School Founder Andy Frye, a.k.a. "The Tax Teacher," when you need help and you need it now?


Would it give you confidence this tax season and beyond, to know that you have EXPERTS who have your back 100% and actually care about seeing you achieve your dreams in this crazy business we call taxes?


With our new tax support membership, you no longer need to imagine these dreams, because these dreams are now your reality!


So, how does this support membership work?



    • 1) Direct Email Support!

      First, submit a question to one of our paid support mentors directly. You'll receive a personalized, FAST response that resolves your issue.  Or, if it's more efficient or necessary to handle your issue by phone or even screenshare, we will escalate your email request to a phone or screenshare support session to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    • 2) Phone or Screenshare

      We operate according to the motto of "whatever it takes."  If we find that your request cannot be handled efficiently via email, we will escalate you to phone support or even initiate a screenshare session to make sure you are taken care of.

    • 3) Live Q & A with Pronto Tax School Mentors!

      As an added support membership benefit, during Tax Season, we will host a private weekly live Q & A session every Thursday at 12pm Pacific Time / 3pm Eastern Time.  A Pronto Tax School Member will be on the private call every week answering as many questions as we can from Members.  Sometimes we learn even more from the questions that other tax pros ask and that is the purpose of these new and EXCLUSIVE live Q & A calls every week!

    Yes that's right, our support is guaranteed.


    We have designed this membership so that you NEVER risk paying for support that doesn't actually meet your needs.   We take all the risk and refund you back any unused support cost if you're not satisfied at any time.  Make sure to read through the Terms of Service to see how our policies work and make sure everything is to your liking.


    This is a big development for us to offer this support service, we have brought in specialized personnel to make it happen, and we are excited to assist you in making this your best tax season – and your best year – ever ... PRONTO!

    100% Guaranteed Expert Tax Support

    Comes with a Money Back Guarantee on any unused support cost if you are not satisfied and want to cancel at anytime.

    Year-Round Plan


    • Live Q&A Calls During Tax Season

    • Annual recurring tax support

    • Tier 1 Tax Support: Email a Tax Pro

    • Tier 2 Tax Support: Phone or Screenshare

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Meet the Experienced Tax Pros Leading the Support Team


    – Director of Member Success, Pronto Tax School, Inc.

    Glen Wielandt is a 39-year veteran tax pro and entrepreneur who specializes in tax preparation franchise development.


    Has has worked with all of the "Big 3" tax franchises and trained more than 100 area developers and 250 franchisees.


    He is the former Director of Franchise Business Development at Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax® and has owned and operated 18 tax preparation offices in the Denver, CO, area.


    Glen's love of teaching and mentoring has led him to join the Pronto Tax School team to ensure the next generation of tax professionals have the support, tools, and training they need to succeed in this rapidly changing new tax landscape.


    Glen is a graduate of Drexel University in Chemical Engineering with his MBA from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He also served in the United States military and speaks 4 languages. 


    – Founder and CEO, Pronto Tax School, Inc.

    Andrew Freiburghouse, known as Andy Frye in "Tax World," is a tax consultant and Enrolled Agent (E.A.) licensed to represent taxpayers before all levels of the IRS.


    Andy started his tax career as a tax preparer at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., a third-generation family business with multiple locations based in Southern California.


    After preparing more than 10,000 tax returns and developing extensive employee training programs within his family business, Andy founded Pronto Tax School, Inc., an online training company that educates and empowers tax professionals and taxpayers nationwide.


    Pronto Tax School is an IRS-approved education provider that offers credentialing and continuing education certificate programs, as well as career advancement and business development training.


    Andy is a graduate of Santa Clara University, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, and The School of Tax Business Hard Knocks.

    100% Guaranteed Expert Tax Support

    Comes with a Money Back Guarantee on any unused support cost if you are not satisfied and want to cancel at anytime.

    Year-Round Plan


    • Live Q&A Calls During Tax Season

    • Annual recurring tax support

    • Tier 1 Tax Support: Email a Tax Pro

    • Tier 2 Tax Support: Phone or Screenshare

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed


    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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    At the end of the Year-Round Plan, does it auto-renew and charge my credit card?

    Can I ask for support help about corporation, partnership, or crypto taxes?

    Is this only for individual tax pros? Or can I purchase this for my entire team?

    Does this include Tax Software Support?

    Do you offer support in Spanish?

    Is the support instantaneous, can I call whenever I want?

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