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Over 15,000 Tax Pros Served!

Another painless experience!

Kathryn Matthews

Entertaining lesson!

Vickie Adams

Very thorough and not boring!

Amy Whelan

Test was user friendly, easy to navigate and all the reading material at your fingertips.

Sally Echeverria

Overall interesting and engaging content, I would recommend this program to colleagues.

Daniel Parnell

I have taken many courses in the past, but this is the best.

Ann Marie Gurrola

CPA CPE Forever Edition Membership - Pronto Tax School
  • All the Tax Updates You Need to Know

  • Printable PDFs of Course Textbooks

  • Instant Online Scoring

  • Fast Response Email & Phone Support

  • Hours Reported Within 10 Minutes of Course Completion (average)

  • Email Notification to You When Hours Are Reported

  • Created By EAs for EAs!

  • Cancel Anytime, Never Any Obligation to Renew

  • Multiple Course Version Updates Throughout the Year

  • The Famous Pronto "Right-Before-Tax-Season Newsletter" with All the Last Minute Changes

  • Printable Exam Questions

  • Exclusive video training

  • Exclusive Live Q & A Sessions Hosted by Course Creator Andy Frye

  • Other Surprise Goodies TBD!  We Add More Forever Edition Bonuses Throughout the Year Based on Requests from Members

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this product:

What is the purpose of purchasing this product?

Do I have to go anywhere and take a test?

Are the quizzes and exams open book tests?

Do you have video training included?

How can I contact Pronto before I buy or if I need help?

We support Members primarily via fast response email support.  Simply email us and we will get back you ASAP.  Every email you send creates a 'ticket' on our system that must be resolved and this makes sure that we take care of every single need that you have.  We also conduct phone support at 310-422-1283 and you can also send a text message to that phone number.

What courses are included in this purchase?

No.  You can just take the courses for the hours you need.

How do I know what hours I need?

I'm close to the deadline, how fast can you report my hours?!!?!

Do you provide a Spanish version of the course?

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

How do I know if I already have a Forever Edition Membership?

I don't want any recurring charge on my credit card.

I logged into my course and I don't see all the extra stuff listed under the Forever Edition Membership?  Live training webinars, etc.

You mention that the Forever Edition Membership includes "multiple course version" updates.  What does that mean?

How do I cancel my Forever Edition Membership?

We only want you to be a Forever Edition Member if you want to be a Forever Edition Member.  You can cancel anytime!  Simply click this link to send an email to our support team, informing us that you want to cancel.  You'll then receive a notification that your Membership has been canceled and no charge will appear on your card.

Can I purchase these courses separately?

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