Triple Your Earning Power by Becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA)

New, Fully Updated EA Exam Preparation Program Helps You Pass The EA Exam on the First Try Pronto!

  • Learn which areas of tax law have the most and least questions on the Exam

  • Use our diagnostic testing system and adaptive drills to shore up the weak areas of your tax knowledge 

  • Take simulated exams to hone your test-taking skills — our simulated exams look and feel exactly like the real Exam

  • View real-life examples of tax law in action, to move beyond mere memorization into actual understanding

  • Track your progress and only go take the Exam when you know you're ready!

Why to Become an Enrolled Agent (EA)

How Exactly Is This Credential Going To Benefit You?

How the Program Works


The Diagnostic Pre-Test

As tax professionals, we all have stronger and weaker areas of our knowledge; some topics we deal with all the time, and understand very well, others we rarely see and barely know.  The first step to passing the EA Exam is to know where you need to focus your study.  Our diagnostic pre-test system establishes a "baseline" for your study, showing you exactly which areas you'll need to focus on in order to pass the Exam.  The diagnostic pre-test also acts as the starting point for our historical analysis feature, which shows how much you've improved since you started using our system!


Adaptive Drills

Now that you know where you are now with our diagnostic pre-test, it's time to really dig into the core of our Program: the Adaptive Drills section. Our Adaptive Drills--a series of questions which mimic the real EA Exam--test you on every single topic area on the Exam, once again allowing you to focus your study time on shoring up weaker areas of your tax knowledge.  Explanations are provided for every single question in the Adaptive Drills, including links to the IRS publication that pertain to that question!  Using our Adaptive Drills will cement your existing, strong knowledge areas and shore up weaker areas of your knowledge.  Using Adaptive Drills is the proven way to pass the EA Exam!


Video Explanations, for Everything (Optional)

Included with our "Total Package" option (described below), you can access detailed video explanations for every single topic on the Exam.  We literally go through every topic, in detail, on video.  Use the Adaptive Drills to identify those areas where you need further instruction, then use the Video Explanations to obtain that further instruction.  Then "rinse and repeat" that process--Adaptive Drills to see where you need explanations, then Video Explanations of those topics--for as many topic areas as you need!  Many tax professionals will be able to pass the Exam just using our "Fast Pass" option (described below), but for those who really want to know that you'll pass on the first try, the Video Explanations are a game-changer!


Simulated Exams

Once you've been using the Adaptive Drills and the explanations of each question to test yourself on every part of the Exam topics, it's time to start working with our Simulated Exams.  These practice tests look and feel exactly like the real EA Exam, with the "countdown clock" and everything.  Especially if you are someone who has a bit of a phobia about taking tests, it helps tremendously to take these Simulated Exams.  If you're not scoring at a passing rate yet, simply go back through the Adaptive Drills and topic explanations, and then come back and take the Simulated Exams again.  Once you're consistently passing the Simulated Exams, you'll know--not think, know--you're ready to go pass the Exam with confidence!

Meet Your EA Course Creators!

Teamwork makes the dream work!


Pronto Tax School, Inc. has partnered with Lambers Financial and Eva Rosenberg, a.k.a. "Tax Mama®," to bring you this top-rated EA Exam Preparation Course that helps you pass the IRS Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) and become an Enrolled Agent (EA). 


Founded in 1966, Lambers has helped hundreds of thousands of people pass the CPA and EA exams.  Lambers has been known for over 50 years as having some of the best instructors in the entire industry.  You also get support from Lambers if you have questions about the Simulated Exams or other parts of the system, need information about where to take the EA Exam, and other logistical matters.

Now let's talk about Eva Rosenberg, a.k.a. "Tax Mama®."  Long story short, she's an EA Exam Preparation BEAST!  Eva is an EA herself, with an MBA in International Business. 


  • Best-selling author
  • Columnist for newspapers and magazine
  • Innovator in tax education, teaching taxes at a professional level since 1980!

Oh, and like Pronto Tax School, Eva prides herself on being NOT super-boring, if at all possible.  She explains complicated concepts in a way that everyone can understand.  Google it, you'll see the love Eva gets from all the tax professionals she's helped over the years.


Who creates these other EA Exam Prep Courses? 


How does their track record stack up with Tax Mama's?


Check the records, we are bringing you the best instructor in the industry!


This EA Exam Prep Course we're offering here is Eva's master work, the culmination of all her decades of teaching taxes.  She's bringing her A Game to help YOU win.

When you team up with Pronto Tax School, Lambers, and Eva Rosenberg, you're putting together a team that's 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your tax career dreams.

What Are Other People Saying About this

EA Exam Preparation Program?

Thanks for the awesome EA course Pronto! It wasn't easy. But, I'm SO glad it's done. :) Now I can get back to work!

Kristen Cunningham, EA

Independent Tax Professional

I felt that the Pronto course was perfect for my learning style. I liked the video training and the way the material was presented. All exams were passed on the first attempt, which I and my checkbook are ecstatic about.

Kimberly Mendez, EA

Mendez Tax Services, Junction City, Oregon

Becoming an Enrolled Agent is the quickest way for tax professionals to take advantage of the hottest area in tax today: Tax Resolution.

Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CRTS

Founder, Roz Strategies

As an EA, I can offer additional services, primarily tax resolution.  I am generating more revenue than I was prior to obtaining my EA license, and I feel confident in working with more complex tax returns.

Cynthia Fuentes, EA

Pronto Income Tax & Business Solutions

EA Exam Prep Members Receive:


We teach you about every single topic that's on the test. 


We test you on every single topic that's on the test.


We support you every step of the way, in every way we can.

Find the Plan That's Right For You:

All plans come with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, allowing you to review the product in-depth and make sure you're 100% satisfied!

Total Package


  • This package includes:

    • Diagnostic Pre-Test, to show you where you are now before you begin your journey
    • Adaptive Drills, showing you where you're strong and weaknesses that you need to shore up before taking Exams
    • Comprehensive video explanations of every part of the Exam topics from renowned expert Eva Rosenberg, a.k.a. "Tax Mama®"
    • Simulated Exams, when you go to take the real exams, you'll feel like you've been here before
    • Detailed "EA Study Tips & Tricks" video from instructor Eva Rosenberg.
    • Ask questions directly to instructor Eva Rosenberg, at no additional cost
    • "Fast Study Flash Cards" testing you on all the terms you need to know to pass (great for mobile phone studying on the go)
    • Pronto Tax School's Founder and CEO, Andy Frye's "Roadmap to Tripling Your Income as an EA" (Andy walks you step-by-step through his proven process)
    • Andy Frye's "plug and play" email sequence that explains to your existing clients how you becoming an EA benefits them (including a notification of upcoming price increase for your services, if you choose to raise)
    • Andy Frye's "plug and play" emails for reaching out to non-EA tax professionals whose clients will need help from an EA sometime soon (partnership opportunity)
    • Andy Frye's "plug and play" presentation materials for "How to Choose a Tax Professional" (breaks down the CPA vs. EA issue and much more)
    • Andy Frye's "How to Sell Tax Problem Resolution Services" Training Video
    • Andy Frye's "How to Sell Tax Consulting Services" Training Video

Want to Customize a Package?

Just need one or two parts?  Want to talk over your options and make sure you get the right solution for you?  Our expert consultants can help you put together the perfect package for you!

It's so easy to make this math work.


Are you price-sensitive and want to make 100% sure you're getting the best deal?  We're that same way, too!  We want you to compare our EA Exam Prep Course to every other product on the market and choose ours.


That being said, let's make sure we are on the same page:


Tax professionals who are successful in passing the EA exam--and then, more importantly, become highly successful EAs, such as tripling your earning power--treat our EA Exam Preparation Course as an investment.


The way to get the "best deal" is to pass the Exam and then use your EA to earn more money!


Be careful then about basing your decision on getting the cheapest price because that can be very expensive.


Due to IRS increases in testing fees, it now costs over $540 to "sit" for the Exam (total, between all three parts).

What's more expensive in the long run, investing in an excellent EA test prep course that helps you pass the first time, or "cheaping out" and "hoping" you'll pass the exam and then you don't pass?


Do you really want to risk having to sit for (and PAY for) the test multiple times?


What about the psychological loss of confidence and flat-out misery that happens when you fail a test?  How expensive is that?  Does it failing a test the first time make it easier or drastically more difficult to pass that test the next time you try?


You can trust us on this, because we've seen it all too many times:


Tax professionals who cheap out and try to just read from IRS publications, get some fly-by-night EA prep course, or take other "shortcuts" frequently fail the exam. 


Meanwhile, tax professionals who utilize advanced diagnostic testing systems, high-quality explanations of complex topics, and work with trusted team members pass the Exam with much more confidence and much more certainty. 


Why go into the exam "wondering" if you'll pass? 


The IRS tells us exactly what's on the exam, our diagnostic testing systems tell you exactly what areas you need to study, our comprehensive PDF and video training explains in detail every single aspect of the exam topics, and our system tells you exactly when you're ready to go in and pass the exam with confidence.


If you'd rather "give it a try" and "hope for the best," we sincerely wish you luck.  If you can make it work, we aren't here to say you're wrong or tell you how to live your life.  We're just letting you know that we've seen many, many tax professionals try to take shortcuts and that approach generally turns into a long cut or a dead end.


If you're serious about becoming an EA and tripling your earning power and you DON'T WANT TO TAKE ANY CHANCES and you JUST WANT TO GET IT DONE, our humble, yet informed recommendation is that you make the affordable investment in a high-quality EA prep course that helps you pass the exam the first time, with confidence -- PRONTO!



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We look forward to helping you pass the EA Exam on the first try. We measure our success exclusively by the success we help YOU achieve.


Let's roll!

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