Millions of Cryptocurrency Clients Desperately Need Tax Help NOW.

Some tax pros will be left behind, while others rake in the profits...

This New Training Program is designed to help you:

  • Use cryptocurrency as a "switch point" to take high-value clients from other tax prosCrypto clients are ditching their current CPAs by the millions.  You can either be the tax pro getting ditched, or you can be the tax pro to whom clients are fleeing.  25% of affluent Millennials own cryptocurrency.

  • Adapt and prosper in the New Era of Tax.  You know how most people under age 40 regard tax preparers as irrelevant dinosaurs?  Cryptocurrency / blockchain expertise gives you instant credibility and cool factor.  This is an exciting new technology with humongous tax implications...a "blue ocean" opportunity.

  • Learn from the best.  Make the most efficient use of your time by learning crypto taxes from one of the best in the world, CPA Joshua Azran, profiled by Accounting Today and Forbes as a top-performing CPA. Learn actual nuts-to-bolts practical skills, including extensive practice tax returns, not just theory.

  • Level-up your community.  Enjoy direct access to crypto course creator CPA Joshua Azran, Pronto Tax School Founder Andy Frye, EA, and other top Pronto Tax School Members who are already successfully working in this new niche.

High Demand + Low Supply = Premium Fees

Experts estimate that 15-20 million taxpayers have crypto tax filing obligations.


Up to now, the "compliance rate" in reporting crypto gains and losses has been extremely low.


However, the "cat is out of the bag" now, and it's no longer OK to omit cryptocurrency activity from your tax return.  Technically, it was never OK to omit crypto activity.  But now, a lot more people have figured out what's going on, and the potential consequences for taxpayers not properly reporting cryptocurrency activity are becoming much more "real," you could say.


Indeed, the IRS has put cryptocurrency tax evasion in its crosshairs, Congress is now getting involved demanding new tax laws related to cryptocurrency, and the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are starting to issue 1099s...


Meanwhile, most tax pros have no idea how to work in the best ways with crypto clients, and don't know a blockchain from a hole in the ground.


This includes many high-level CPAs who are losing clients right and left because they think crypto is "icky" or a "fad."


The trademark resistance to change that characterizes so many backward-looking tax professionals creates an environment with high demand for crypto tax experts, and low supply.


Can you name even one crypto-savvy tax pro in your community?


Now multiply the number of taxpayers in your community by 8-10%, and you'll get a figure of how many people own crypto in your community.


Do those numbers look interesting to you?


We're here to help YOU become that "go to" resource for clients with crypto and blockchain tax considerations.


Keep in mind that crypto is typically only one aspect of the tax and financial situation of these clients.  Crypto clients are often highly entrepreneurial, financially successful, computer programmers, etc.


That being said, working with clients who have cryptocurrency tax considerations is not a job for the faint of heart. In fact, performing this type of work without adequate training and support will result in major headaches.  You will waste hours of precious time, you will make numerous expensive errors, and you will really tick clients off if you start trying to do this work without the proper training and support...sometimes, this incompetence can even lead to ethical violations under IRS Circular 230! :(


With the help of top-rated crypto CPA Joshua Azran, we have created this Crypto Tax Training Program to help forward-thinking tax pros seize the opportunity in this new, highly profitable niche.


Our goal is to not only teach you technical aspects of crypto taxes, but to actually help you capitalize by building a new and highly profitable niche for yourself as a tax professional.


In this Training Program, you will master:

  • How to find & acquire crypto tax clients
  • What trends to watch closely as the crypto / blockchain space rapidly evolves
  • Step-by-step how to use the best crypto tax tools on the market today (,, etc.)
  • Step-by-step how to work through actual crypto tax returns
  • How to avoid the thorny problems often associated with serving crypto tax clients

And much more!


We dig deep, teaching you techniques and tools that you'd never find on your own, or would take you years of trial and error to discover....most importantly, what we teach you helps you give the best service to your clients...which can then create an avalanche of referrals to other crypto / blockchain-involved clients who are looking for a crypto-savvy tax pro.


This is exactly what course instructor CPA Joshua Azran is doing in his own practice and that is why he has been featured in publications such as Forbes recognizing his thought leadership and practical experience in the field of crypto taxes.

The Crypto Tax Verified Training Program with CPA Joshua Azran creates a direct path for tax and accounting professionals to work effectively and efficiently in this new, highly profitable niche.


With crypto tax prep fees averaging around $1,000, you only need to prepare one crypto tax return at the average fee to turn a good profit on your training investment.


In addition to the comprehensive course materials themselves, we provide a private community where Members can ask questions and learn of new developments as they happen  direct from Joshua, his team, and other top-notch tax pros.


We are excited and privileged to bring Joshua's massive crypto knowledge to our fellow tax pros!


Course Details:

  • IRS Approved Provider: MPMDK (Pronto Tax School, Inc.)
  • IRS Approved Course Number: MPMDK-T-00038-18-S
  • 10 Hours IRS-approved continuing education (CE) in category of Federal Tax Law

Crypto Tax Verified Members Receive:


Become the only tax pro in your community who can help clients who have traded cryptocurrency — Pronto!  Our unique combination of PDF textbook, videos, interactive questions, and practice tax returns gives you the training you need to succeed.


You get step-by-step training on all the top crypto tax tools and even tools that are brand new to the market. Joshua uncovers all the gotchas, profitable tips, and places most overlook.


Join a community with CPA Joshua Azran himself, who regularly jumps into conversations. Plus, ongoing private community access to instructors and other Crypto Tax Verified Members. Ask questions. Get answers. Everyone helps each other. No need to feel alone; we have your back!

What This Program Does for You:

Avoid sudden, expensive problems.

"Learning on the job" with this type of work might mean a client casually mentioning trading crypto last year and dumping an excel spreadsheet of 25,000 trades in your inbox hoping you can make sense of it. Do not wait until you are faced with losing a client or digging in for hours without any end in sight to decide to become a crypto expert.


We accelerate and speed your learning curve big time, which accelerates your earning power big time. Avoiding surprises is a major key to success!

Grow your business and have fun by providing superior client value.

Crypto investors, traders, miners and entrepreneurs are a very sharp and savvy group. Knowing cryptocurrency and taxes is not enough. You must intimately know how to speak to, empathize with, and relate to the client. There are certain things you can do, in certain ways, to maximize the value your crypto tax clients receive from you. Based on our vast experience working with these client groups, we show you the exact techniques to use, to make sure you're delivering a superior client value.

Learn how to get real clients.

Crypto tax clients are largely hidden at the moment, with many thinking (or wanting to think!) they don't have to report taxes on cryptocurrency trading activies because they either lost a lot of money or because they did not receive a 1099. (Trust us, when they do in mass, it will be a little late to position yourself as the go-to crypto tax pro.)


We show you the most profitable ways to find clients now and uncover existing clients who were staying quiet about crypto. And we give you ways to acquire those clients by saying the right things, at the right time, in the right way. Members who put our techniques into practice see results, period!

Be a part of something special.

The reality is that achieving excellence in working with crypto tax clients is not something you just read in a book, it's being part of the beginning of a fundamental shift to three-ledger accounting. To Blockchain. You'll get farther when you travel with friends.  Our highly responsive community and instructors actually care about helping you become successful — you won't feel alone, you'll have the back up you need to succeed!

See what our Crypto Tax Verified Members have to say:

The CTV Program is an excellent, educational, and informative training program! I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in surviving the tax evolution era!

Bob Mooney

Modesto, CA

This is eye opening and educational as this will teach you a whole new “language“ that is crypto tax. This is a whole new world of finance. Very excited to be on the cutting edge of this alternative way to do financial transactions.

Holly Bottiglieri

President at Long Island Tax, Accounting & Advisory Services, Inc.

I love that this program is really done a different way than most other CE webinars I've taken. It's hands-on, super informative and fun! Learned sooo much!

Marutte Hecht

Rome, NY

Meet Your Instructors:


– Founder, Azran Financial

Joshua V. Azran is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience ensuring clients’ financial success by providing strategic guidance and management of financial functions.


Joshua is a visionary leader with expertise in public accounting, corporate finance, strategic management, financial restructuring, business valuation, management consulting, cryptocurrency, and business development.


In November 2010, Joshua founded Azran Financial, with a vision to utilize his extensive expertise and experience in the field, coupled with the latest technology, to provide efficient solutions and the very best service for his clients.


In addition to Azran Financial, Joshua was a lecturer in the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he developed & taught the Business Institutions class, required for all business majors. He also spends time serving on the boards of several charitable and professional organizations.


Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science with a dual major in Economics and Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey.


– Founder and CEO, Pronto Tax School, Inc.

Andrew Freiburghouse, known as Andy Frye in "Tax World," is a tax consultant and Enrolled Agent (E.A.) licensed to represent taxpayers before all levels of the IRS.


Andy started his tax career as a tax preparer at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., a third-generation family business with multiple locations based in Southern California.


After preparing more than 10,000 tax returns and developing extensive employee training programs within his family business, Andy founded Pronto Tax School, Inc., an online training company that educates and empowers tax professionals and taxpayers nationwide.


Pronto Tax School is an IRS-approved education provider that offers credentialing and continuing education certificate programs, as well as career advancement and business development training.


Andy is a graduate of Santa Clara University, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, and The School of Tax Business Hard Knocks.

What You Will Get:


    We show you who you are serving, where they hang out, and how to get them on board as clients.


    Weekly action steps to put your training into practice (2 hours per week).


    For each section, you get extensive PDF textbook, video, and audio trainings for all learning types.


    In-depth tools training and The Crypto Tax Prep Checklist


    Don't worry about all the definitions and lingo. We have you covered. #whenlambo #whenmoon #rekt


    Robust, responsive private community to ask questions, create teamwork, and have fun.


    The Mechanics section of each course includes actual tax forms and practice tax returns.


    We will not overwhelm you. Our aim is to guide you each step of the way over time for max comfort.


    To effectively serve crypto clients, we need to backup and explain the technology, blockchain, everything.


    Avoiding problems is a major section of the course to ensure you stay away from IRS and SEC calls.


    Throughout the program, Points of Value reveal how to give premium service to earn premium pricing.​


    You will want the exposure and positioning we will provide you as a newly minted crypto tax pro.

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Community Membership


minimum estimated value for tax pros who plan to work in this niche at least 3 years

With the IRS, SEC, and Congress gaining demanding more clarity on cryptocurrency tax issues, this niche will be constantly changing.  Therefore, our Program will also evolve! Join now and reap this amazing benefit. Keep access to the private group including CPA Joshua Azran, Andy Frye, and other Crypto Tax Verified Members, for the LIFE of the Program, at no additional cost!  If you plan on being involved in this niche for any significant period of time, this lifetime access is worth AT LEAST $4,750!

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Comes with a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee allowing you to review

Crypto Tax Verified Program

It's easy to make this math work:


Do one crypto tax return at the average fee and you're already profitable on your investment.  Do 10 crypto returns to 10x your investment.  Do 100 and you'll 100X your investment in this Program!

Eliminate All Risk With Our Rock Solid, Double-Headed,

"Utterly Ridonkulous" Money Back Guarantees!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't see the value of our program within the first 14 days, just let us know and we'll send you a full, prompt refund.  We're only happy if you're happy!

On top of that, if you pass the 14 days, but do all the action steps, and you still don't see any value and want a refund, we'll send you a full and prompt refund. How's that for a double guarantee?

We look forward to helping you feel comfortable and confident in working with crypto tax clients.


We measure our success exclusively by the success we help YOU achieve.


Let's roll!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What makes this Program unique?

Can I speak to someone before I make a decision on this?

Do I have to give up my regular clients in order to focus on  working with crypto clients?

Why get into crypto taxes? Isn't it too early?

Do I have to be a CPA to work with crypto clients?

This is more than I'm accustomed to paying for training.

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