After working with 20,000+ tax pros, while also running our own "scrappy underdog" independent tax business, we've identified three main challenges that independent tax pros are facing right now:

  • 1)  ​Difficulty in consistently, reliably acquiring new clients.

  • 3)  Lack of support from trusted friends and colleagues, a.k.a. "I'm All Alone on Tax Preparer Island ... Again."

Built by Independent Tax Pros, for Independent Tax Pros.

More Training & Support Than Any Other Software Package, By Far

  • 1040 tax software with all forms included

  • Personalized, 1-on-1 installation support

  • Help converting from prior tax software

  • Help importing past year client data

  • Top-rated tech support team, CLUTCH reps!

  • Unlimited e-file (NO per return e-file fee)

  • All states included at no extra cost

  • Mobile Phone App with your company name and logo at no extra cost

  • Outbound Text Message marketing tools built into the software at no extra cost

  • Access to past year tax software programs all the way back to 2005 at no extra cost

  • Add users at no extra cost (as long as all returns e-filed from same location)

  • Suggested per form prices built into the software ("plug and play" or customize)

  • Software training sessions walking you through using the software, including practice tax returns

  • Help setting up bank products and training on how to use bank products to increase your tax earnings

  • Step-by-step training video showing you EXACTLY how to set up pro-level email marketing for your clients

  • "Plug and play" email marketing sequence to attract new clients (10 "ready to go" emails)

  • "Plug and play" Tax Marketing Power Pack created by our professional graphic designer, including flyer, business card, retractable banner sign, and referral coupon.  All materials in both English and Spanish!  (NOTE: we provide the designs, you pay for your own materials, printing, or other production costs.)

  • "Low Cost, Effective Facebook Advertising for Tax Professionals" training

What Are Members Saying About this Package?

I don't know how you continue to exceed expectations and still be profitable but you inspire me to provide the level of service and support to my clients that you provide to me!

Roland Charles

Fast Returns Income Tax 
Tampa, FL

We used to pay thousands of dollars for tax software. This software is better, easier to use, and costs way less.

Daniel Peña

El Rey Express Tax Service 
Long Beach, CA

I absolutely love this software package! I've used it for 2 years now and I love how it is so easy to use. It tells me exactly what errors I need to correct.

Cindy Bernal

Cindy Bernal Bookkeeping & Tax Services
Bakersfield, CA

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the catch?

I'm new to this industry. How does tax software work?  Do I purchase it ever year or is this a one time purchase?

When does the new version of the software come out?

Is there a way I can download a trial version or demo?

Where can I watch more live videos of the software in action?

Will you help me convert my client database from my old software?

Can I convert my client database no matter which software I have been using?

Do I need my own Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) from the IRS to use this software?

I see tax software that's cheaper than these prices.

Why would it benefit me to get 15 years of prior year tax software with my purchase of this year?

What does "plug and play" email marketing mean?

What does "plug and play" Tax Marketing Power Pack mean?

What does "Low Cost, Effective Facebook Advertising Training" mean?

Tell me about the support please...

Does the Individual (Form 1040) software Standard Version include Schedule C or Schedule E?

Does this software include Puerto Rico returns?

Are there additional fees on a per return basis?

Are there additional fees for different states?

Is there a fee to use e-signatures (remote signature) within the software?

Can this software help me set up a paperless business?

I want to make sure I'll have good support.

Will it work on my Mac?

Can the software work on a network among multiple users?

Can I download the software on multiple computers, such as putting one copy on my desktop and one copy on my laptop?

Does the software include corporate and partnership tax return forms as well as individual?

Can Pronto Tax School Mentors provide me with direct tax support as part of this package?

Are there any other charges I should be aware of before I purchase?

Do you have a money back guarantee on this software?

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